How Make a YouTube Channel in 2018

How to Make a YouTube Channel go Viral in 2018

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As you know, all social media platforms like Google plus, YouTube, Facebook and other are started targeting audiences for video contents. Because, todays video marketing is more profitable than article contents. And you know that YouTube is the top leading platform in the video marketing field currently. YouTube is a free platform by Google and it a great place for users to make money online by just sharing their content here. Today many of people’s are earning lot of money from video marketing, but many of new YouTubers are struggling yet. If you are one of them who are thinking about to start your profession as a professional YouTuber but no ideo how to start? Then this post is for you, In this post I will teach you how you can make a YouTube channel go viral and earn unlimited using your talent.

YouTube is a best social media platform to feel connected properly to large number of audience worldwide. The possibility of making worth and popularity from YouTube is very high. That this is the reason most of creative people always try to make a YouTube channel go viral to get some serious followers on YouTube.

  • 10 Tips to Make a YouTube Channel go Viral:

Following are some most useful YouTube success tips which you should apply to Make a YouTube Channel and get more views and subscribes.

1. Choose Attractive and Optimized Name and Description:

In the order to make a YouTube channel go viral, very first you need to choose an attractive name and description for your channel. Because, an attractive and optimized name and description attracts all those People to who are looking for something interesting on YouTube. After choosing a name and channel description, optimizes both of things for Search engine to make your channel easily searchable. You can use choose best keywords using Keyword tools but keep in mind keywords must be representing your channel category and content type.

2. Attractive Customization of Channel:

To make a YouTube channel go viral, you also need to focus on channel’s customization. A well-designed and enchanting channel art will help you lot to grow your channel as a most likable channel on YouTube.

Most of people are decided to visit any channel at first sight, so you need to make your channel good-looking. Another thing you should make a high quality bio and short custom URL of channel to make your audience easy to remember and identify your channel.

Keep in Mind a Channel is just a Good Looking Body and Content is the Soul of a Channel.

3. Publish Videos on Trending Topics:

High quality content on trending topic is the key to make a YouTube channel go viral. So, when you upload any video, keep in mind your video content should be on a most searchable topic under your channel’s category. It will help you to come on trend by search queries. This method will help you lot to stand in trending YouTuber and people will start coming on your channel with trend flow.

4. Attractive and Highly Engaged Content Header:

Make curiosity for your content in public with using Magnetic Video Title and description. An offbeat title is most powerful aspect under video marketing tips to make a YouTube channel go viral. You need to make use of Search Engine Optimization to find more eyeballs on your YouTube videos. Put high traffic keyword in the title of Video and its Meta description.

5. Create Fully Dedicated Content on Viewers Queries:

When you start a YouTube channel, the first thing is that you need to plan your channel’s category. Research on your interest and your knowledge and then decide what you love to making. After picking a topic start improving all the skills related to your topic. I recommend you to focus on your interested field. Decide your language and targeted region.

The best thing is, if you choose your next video topic according your audience demand. It will feel your audience connected to you directly. Always make a single video on a single topic, don’t try to cover many topics in a single video. Request your viewers to leave reply as comments in your video’s comment section and make them feel connected to you. Stay touch with them and notice on their requests in the comments bar of videos. 

6. Keep Video Length Less than 5 Minutes:

Normally viewers like to watch a video which is optimized within 5 minutes. If video is length is less than 5 minute then new viewers do not think before clicking on video. First 3 minute of your video must have very magnetic to keep interest of audience in your video. Keep your video informative, entertaining and under 5 minutes. If you have a good number of followers then you can experiment with your video length according to your audiences’ reaction.

7. Finish Videos with Informative Conclusion:

Make sure your video end should have great conclusion or note, it should be memorable. So, next time when you upload a video, finish it on a positive and attractive note with confidence and enjoy in helping and entertaining your viewers. To make a YouTube channel go viral, don’t forget to request your audience to Subscribe your channel , Like and share your video.

8. Improve Video Publishing Frequency:

People usually don’t like those channels who are not publishing content regularly. As you know already consistency is the basic formula to build a long-term relationship with your audience. So, try to release your videos time-to-time. You should try to publish a video in per week at least or twice in a month minimum. Hardly follow your schedule and don’t upload videos as when you wish like doing it, it will hurt your subscribers.

9. Interact Your Followers with Social Networks:

When you followed all the tips above mentioned to make a YouTube channel go viral, you also need to focus on Social media campaigns. Being activate on multiple social media platforms is necessary to be easily searchable as a brand. You need to create profile on most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so many other. With the help of Social media strategy, it is so easy to make a YouTube channel go viral. Here are some articles where we shared most effective Social Media Tips to promote your brand on social media.

10. Connect YouTube Channel with Your Blog /Website:

The best option by YouTube for YouTuber’s is that can link to their channel with their webpage. If you have your own Blog or Website then you need to share your Videos on your blog or site. You can add ‘Subscribe‘ buttons at the sidebar your blog or website, it will give more subscribers to your channel. Connecting your YouTube videos with your blog or site redirects your readers or customers to your channel to make a YouTube channel go viral.

You can also add your website’s /blog’s link to add your channel from YouTube channel settings section of your YouTube page. Just put your blog/website URL in the channel description, it will give your web page do-follow backlink.

So friends, above tricks were the 10 most useful tips about How to make a YouTube channel go viral and How to make money online with your creativity. If you have your own tricks about this topic which is not mentioned above, please comment us and share with other. At last if you find these tips helpful, please feel free to share it with others.

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